YPB extends Connect platform with self-service QR codes

Australian coding specialist YPB Group has launched a new module for its Connect platform, extending its capabilities to include the generation and management of QR codes that doesn’t need any input from YPB staff.

Connect allows companies to interact with consumers through surveys and feedback, set up customisable marketing campaigns, and authenticate products using a smartphone app using serialised codes, and was first launched in 2016. Since its debut, it has been used to generate 250 million QR codes.

The new ConnectQR module taps into the global uptake of QR code adoption, which according to YPB has become viral, with one forecaster predicting that 100 million businesses and brands will adopt QR codes in the US alone by 2025.

YPB describes ConnectQR as a “fully self-service QR code generation and management platform…built around a ‘feature-led pricing’ freemium entry model, where pricing tiers with volume and functionality.” In a nutshell, the aim is to allow customers to generate a high volume of QR codes at a low price.

“QR code customers wanting to benefit from serialised products or supply chain track and trace can simply add modules within the YPB suite,” added the company, which says the new module will generate “accelerated revenue growth, with a much smoother revenue profile, at minimal incremental cost.”

The company has struggled to generate sustained revenue growth, seeing marked fluctuations quarter-to-quarter with cash receipts of A$76,000 ($49,000) in the fourth quarter of 2023 and A$712,000 for the full year, against a cash burn of A$1.6m. In 2022 it reported revenues of A$556,000 and a net loss of A$3.3m.

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