YPB wins first client for new ProtectCode security feature

Australian anticounterfeit specialist YPB Group has signed the first commercial order for ProtectCode family of products, designed to protect against counterfeiting and increase customer engagement.

South Korean firm Scranton Limited, is an importer, distributor, and sales agent that has more than 500 customers across a range of industrial sectors.

The company can now offer its clients a new, updated version of YPB's ProtectCode technology, a smartphone-based platform underpinned by its Connect system – which gives products a digital identity that can be tracked through the supply chain to the consumer.

YPB said that it has also layered a new anti-copy feature to the platform that creates ProtectCode Plus, rendering it "mathematically and physically virtually impossible to replicate," adding that Scranton has signed up to use this version.

"Existing serialised codes have strong anti-counterfeit capabilities, but the ubiquitous QR code is easily copied, leading to this innovation," it said. More information on the contract and new technology is available here.

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