YPB signs deal to protect Australian infant formula brand

Anti-counterfeit specialist YPB has won a three-year contract with Australian Dairy Nutritionals Group (AHF) to protect recently-launched premium range of infant formulas with its Connect platform.

Under the terms of the deal, YPB will provide the dairy group with serialised QR codes that will be added to the packaging of its Gradulac Gentle range of infant formula, which has just started rolling out onto the market, and may be extended to other products in future.

AHF recently completed construction of a plant in Camperdown, Victoria, to produce the new products, which include an organic formula based on A2 beta-casein milk, tapping into a trend towards greater use of A2 milk for babies on the back of data suggesting its constituents are closer to human breast milk.

YPB's Connect platform allows companies to interact with consumers through surveys and feedback, set up customisable marketing campaigns, and authenticate products using a smartphone app.

"Connect will deepen AHF’s understanding of and engagement with its consumers in domestic and export markets," said YPB in a statement.

Infant formula has become a focal point for concern about the integrity of the food supply chain, particularly in the wake of the 2008 scandal in China in which formula products were found to be contaminated with melamine, killing several children and leaving thousands more very ill.

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