PR: YPB's UnifAI app approved for release on APP Stores

Authentication and consumer engagement solutions creator YPB Group Limited (ASX: YPB) is pleased to announce that it has received approval from Apple to release its UnifAI application to the APP store and at the same time it will be released to the Google Play store. There will be no charge to download the UnifAI app at this release.


Originally developed as the MotifMicro app, UnifAI has been extended to now be an all-in-1 app powering smartphone access to each of our MotifMicro®, YPB Tracer® and ProtectCode® consumer engagement and authentication technologies.

The development of the UnifAI APP is a major success for our tech team and has potentially profound commercial significance. It enables any scan to confirm authenticity using any of YPB’s authentication technologies to generate valuable consented first-party data.

This first-party data is generated by the act of scanning at any point in a supply chain, at the point of sale or the point of consumption. The YPB UnifAI APP then provides wireless connectivity between the scanning device and YPB Connect, allowing the consented capture and analysis of the data. This data capture and analysis creates significant value for YPB’s customers as it offers visibility as to where, when and by whom interactions are occurring with their products. This data is otherwise generally not available or, if it is, it is difficult and expensive to collect.

From YPB’s perspective, the addition of this digital transfer technology and smartphone interface to all products via YPB UnifAI APP has allowed our entire product suite (and future innovations) to be integrated into YPB Connect, our Global Dashboard, potentially producing benefits including:

  • Increased recurring revenue opportunities – greater range and wider applications for scanners and tracers, and digital transfer capability for serialised products with greater value for our customers.
  • Shorter sales cycles – a fully coherent solution set making multiple-product purchases more likely as customers easily pick and mix.
  • Expanded generation of high-value data – previously offline products such as YPB Tracer now generate digital output through UnifAI APP linked to a smartphone, capturing date, time, and location of the scans and results helping Companies and their brand protection teams to manage activities and Key Performance Indicators.

This announcement has been authorised by the Board of YPB Group Limited.

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