PR: Android added to MotifMicro's controlled initial marketing program

Anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Limited (ASX: YPB) is pleased to advise that it has added Android capability to the global marketing release of MotifMicro1 (MM1) announced on April 28th 2021.

MotifMicro1 is YPB’s revolutionary forensic anti-counterfeit solution readable by unmodified smartphone. It has the potential to make ultra-secure anti-counterfeit solutions widely available in mass markets for the first time.

Based on feedback from several global partners following the initial iOS April 28th launch, Android is expected to dominate B2B applications in highly populous geographies with large addressable markets. The channel partners suggest that releasing Android capability now may expedite MotifMicro’s progress to pilot trials and, if successful, to full commercial contracts in such markets.

The initial iOS launch included a package of printed materials infused with MotifMicro1 microparticles to allow a select group of global partners to demonstrate to potential end-customers and within customer organisations the power of smartphone authentication with an invisible, uncopiable, indestructible technology. The addition of Android capability will soon be followed by a software rollout and additional pilot material.

The Android support to selected partners will be through Google’s Firebase platform which has similar controlled release capabilities to those available on the Apple TestFlight platform.

As previously advised, the planned milestones to broad commercial release are:

1. MotifMicro1 controlled release on iOS TestFlight now extended to Android on Google’s “Firebase” platform.

2. MotifMicro1 infused materials readable by both Android through the Firebase platform and iOS through TestFlight, with access provided to qualified partners on request.

3. Paid commercial trials.

4. Execution of commercial contracts.

5. Broad release to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Executive Chairman John Houston said: “Feedback from participating channel partners and end customers has been insistent for the inclusion of Android capability in this first marketing release of MotifMicro1. Indications have been that there are greater B2B opportunities with possibly shorter sales cycles in ultra-high-volume applications and geographies where Android dominates. I’m pleased and encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback from channel partners and potential end-customers re MotifMicro’s technical prowess and relevance to their needs.”

This announcement has been authorised by the Board of YPB Group Limited.

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