Haelixa, Trudel join forces on silk traceability

DNA-based traceability specialist Haelixa has formed an alliance with silk trader Trudel to give consumers a reliable way to check the provenance of silk products through the supply chain.

Trudel has built its business on the supply of ethically sourced, sustainable, organic and recycled silk products, differentiating itself from others in the market by sourcing premium quality raw silk, yarn and fabrics from suppliers.

The company, which specialises in top-grade mulberry silk, prides itself on managing the entire supply chain from the farmers rearing the silk worms through reeling mills, twisting/spinning mills, weaving mills, dyeing and printing mills, and the producers of silk clothes and other products.

Under the terms of the agreement, silk fibres used in spun silk yarns are marked with a farm-specific DNA marker provided by Haelixa and selected by Trudel. That means that throughout the supply chain, samples of yarn, fabrics, and finished products can be tested to verify the presence of original silk fibres, and brand owners can trace the finished accessories or garments to Trudel.

“The work with Trudel represents a significant step in the provenance of their silk,” said Gediminas Mikutis, Haelixa’s chief technology officer. “Trudel’s deep know-how of the silk value chains and commitment to innovation drives the future of the silk industry.”

Thanks to the collaboration, consumers can get detailed information about the origin and circularity of the silk they purchase, he added.

“Trudel’s partnership with Haelixa marks a milestone for our sustainability strategy. Ensuring full traceability and transparency along the whole silk production chain is a key requirement for our customers and their consumers,” said Riccardo Pfenninger-Fabro, Trudel’s president.

“I am delighted that our strong commitment is finally paying off, allowing us to offer unique silk products exclusively to the fashion industry.”

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