Aussie designer deploys anti-counterfeit sewing thread

Australian designer Sara Caverley will use recycled sewing thread – tagged with DNA markers to deter counterfeiters – in her namesake footwear range.

The sewing thread – called Integrity Eco100 – stems from an alliance between Applied DNA Sciences, which developed the DNA taggants, and sustainable sewing thread manufacturer American & Efird. The CertainT DNA markers allow the thread – and any product made with it – to be authenticated at any point in the supply chain.

"During my time as a designer, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of supply chain security," said Caverley, who originally founded Sol Sana footwear in 2010 but struck out on her own in 2019 selling women's boots, heels and sandals.

The Caverley lines – sold by retailers like Urban Outfitters and David Jones – has grown quickly into a $1m-plus annual business, fast growth that can quickly attract the attention of counterfeiters.

"It is essential that Caverley products are produced with sustainable components that can be traced throughout their supply chain while ensuring we are delivering the very best to our customers," said the designer.

"A&E's ECO100 recycled sewing threads provide tangible proof of the one-of-a-kind leather and luxury trimmings used in our product," she added.

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