Fashion chain Kappahl taps TrusTrace for traceability

Fashion group Kappahl wants to strengthen its sustainability credentials, and has turned to Sweden's TrusTrace to help it meet that goal.

Use of the platform will help Kappahl adhere to regulations including the Norwegian Transparency Act and the upcoming EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, and enrich the data it can use to incorporate sustainability in its day-to-day operations, said the partners.

The Nordic brand's customers will also be able to "move towards more sustainable consumption" by allowing them to shop according to their values and make more informed purchasing decisions.

"Our customers must receive as detailed information as possible in order to quickly know what it is they have bought, and knowing where and how the garment is made also raises its value," said Kappahl's head of sustainability Sandra Roos.

"There is a lot of work behind each finished garment, the manufacturing process is long and involves many people – something perhaps not everyone is aware of," she added." With TrusTrace, we get the tools to efficiently manage sustainability data for the approximately 40 million garments that are sold every year."

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