HID unveils anti-counterfeit identity card feature

vanGO on ID cardHID Global has launched a new security feature for identity cards and other official documents - called vanGO - that it describes as a "cost-effective, counterfeit resistant and can be issued on-the-spot via an easy desktop solution."

The vanGO feature takes the form of a metallic patch that is hot-stamped onto the ID card just prior to being issued, and bears the cardholder’s facial image.

HID Global says the feature "creates a unique relationship between card and cardholder that makes the card nearly impossible to counterfeit."

The technology comes in two versions, a standard, off-the-shelf configuration and a a customisable version that allows the customer to modify the shape and location of the vanGO patch on the card or add other visual security features, such as a hologram surrounding the patch.

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