Keesing showcases portable document authenticator

AuthentiScan PortableDutch security specialist Keesing will present a mobile version of its AuthentiScan platform at this year's Interpol World Congress.

The suitcase-sized system is aimed at border control, immigration, police and customer screening applications and can be used to authenticate documents such as passports, identity cards, residence permits, visas, and driving licenses.

It can carry out more than 40 automated authentication checks - recognising security features such as watermarks, holograms and UV markers within seconds and with no specialist knowledge or training required. The checks are run offline and data retrieved from the document can be stored locally.

AuthentiScan Portable runs on a tablet - a Windows Surface Pro 2 - which is kept in a sturdy case alongside a passport reader and external power supply.

AuthentiScan was introduced in 2012 and is widely used by government agencies around the world. An app that allowed the machine-readable zone of a document to be scanned using a smartphone was launched last year.

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