AlpVision offers free anti-fake feature for COVID-19 drugs

Swiss brand protection company AlpVision is making one of its security technologies available to developers of medicines for COVID-19 free of charge while the pandemic is still ongoing.

Vevey-based AlpVision says it will provide pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers with access to its Cryptoglyph security feature, which is based on a digital mark is printed onto a surface using regular ink and then rendered invisible using an over-printing method.

It doesn’t require any changes to the standard production process for a medicine and allows packs to be authenticated using a regular smartphone. Drugmakers can then monitor product authentication activities in real-time, which can help provide insight into product counterfeiting activities.

Cryptoglyph can be deployed into a medicine’s packing within a few weeks, says AlpVision, which is offering the technology to one product from qualifying companies from today (November 13) though to January 31.

“AlpVision will provide this service gratuitously until the pandemic is officially declared as ended by the World Health Organization,” says the company. More details are available here.

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