AlpVision adds server capability for brand owners

Cloud computingSwitzerland's AlpVision has expanded its authentication platform with a server system that gives brand owners a centralised view of their product testing.

The company's FingerPrint technology makes use of naturally-occuring variations in the make-up of products or their packaging, particularly moulded items such as bottles, caps, electrical appliances and mechanical parts.

The server capability is a logical evolution for the technology, said AlpVision. When the company was founded the FingerPrint technology relied on the use of document scanners attached to a PC to authenticate products, but it now makes use of smartphones using the device's camera, flash and onboard processing power.

"Since our algorithms are capable of working entirely offline, most of our software applications are deployed without the need for a central server communication link," said AlpVision.

"However, some of our recent customers have requested server interaction for product selection and reporting of results, for example. This new service is designed to help brand owners manage, generate, control and report the performance of our authentication technologies from a central location.

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