Geekbar takes aim at fake vape company in Philippines

Chinese disposable vape producer Geekbar said it has encountered counterfeit versions of its Aegis range in the Philippines that could “pose significant quality and safety risks” with regard to their “raw materials, hygiene standards, production processes, and product quality.”

The company added that it has already issued a lawyer's letter to the unidentified company in a bid to get it to cease the activity, and is considering legal action.

“The emergence of these counterfeit products has severely harmed Geekbar's brand, as well as the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and has impeded the market's healthy growth,” said the company.

“The conditions in the factories where counterfeit products are manufactured are utterly filthy,” it continued. “Workers operate the production line in soiled, unhygienic conditions while employing a variety of cost-cutting strategies.”

In 2021, Geekbar started to protect its products through the use of security labels, with a 14-digit security number incorporated in a QR code, updating an earlier system based on a 12-number code hidden behind a scratch-off panel that will still appear on products in some markets.

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