New Geek Bar packaging aims to tackle counterfeit vapes

Chinese vape producer Geekvape has launched new packaging in the UK and other markets to help combat counterfeit and non-compliant copies of its Geek Bar vaping products.

The new packaging places greater emphasis on an on-pack security code, first introduced last year, which should be used by retailers to check the authenticity of products before selling them to customers by verifying the code online.

The launch of the new packaging comes after the company warned distributors to be aware of counterfeit Geek Bar products circulating in the UK market.

The new security feature is a 14-digit serial number incorporated in a QR code, updating an earlier system based on a 12-number code hidden behind a scratch-off panel. The packs also now include a hologram and a new tamper-evident seal, which will allow consumers to open packs using a tear brace.

Geek Bar has also published a list of approved UK distributors and has worked with the authorities in China to close down 12 counterfeit factories in recent months.

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