HP patents fake server cartridge disabling system

Hewlett-Packard has been awarded a US patent on a system that can detect when a counterfeit cartridge is inserted into one of its blade servers.

The patent describes one embodiment in which a management processor in the blade enclosure runs an authentication scheme to determine whether a cartridge in the blade enclosure is authorized or counterfeit. If the cartridge is identified as counterfeit, the processor can disable it and prevent it from interacting with any other component in the enclosure.

Counterfeit cartridges can have a higher risk of failure, so an automated system that quickly identify and disable fakes can help prevent disruption to server users and damage to operators’ business operations.

The abstract of the patent appears below:

Disabling counterfeit cartridges

Abstract: A method for disabling counterfeit cartridge operation is provided. The method includes detecting a cartridge in a blade enclosure. The method includes checking authentication credentials of the cartridge. The method includes determining the cartridge to be counterfeit. The method includes disabling the cartridge in response to determining the cartridge to be counterfeit.

US Patent No. 10,223,551

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