HP patents counterfeit label-spotting tech

Hewlett Packard has been awarded a US patent on a technique that can identify if a picture or label on a product is genuine or counterfeit.

The patent notes that counterfeits are sometimes identified by digitally capturing images of labels and comparing them to authentic labels, although this is a process that consumes a lot of processing power, bandwidth and memory.

Its patent described a new way to make the comparison using selected features (known as counterfeit identification performance attributes or CIPAs) of an image, taking into account that the images may be captured using a range of different devices, and methods for making the comparison.

The abstract of the patent appears below:

Feature resolutions sensitivity for counterfeit determinations

Abstract: A counterfeit identification performance attribute (SIPA) sensitivity to changes in resolution of the image for features of an image is determined. The CIPA sensitivity for the features is used to choose at least one feature to determine whether the image on a sample is a counterfeit.

US Patent No. 9,978,113

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