Anti-theft marking system seeks crowd-funding backers

StopTheft kitsA team of brand protection professionals have launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise money for their security marking system, called StopTheft.

The system comes in the form of an asset-marking kit which incorporates various technologies - including security microdots, holographic track-and-trace, invisible ultraviolet marking, and forensic DNA marking, as well as covert Bluetooth and GPS tracking - depending on the level of backing given.

Pledges range from $5 - which gets the backer five asset-marking decals and one home marking decal - though intermediate bundles such as a $25 bike-marking and Bluetooth tracking kit and up to a corporate office package of $5,000 or more which can be used to protect up to 4,500 items.

Codes on the items will link them to the owner via the StopTheft asset register database, and users can track the location of their assets via a smartphone app. Adding the features to a bike - for example - can take as little as 15 minutes.

Each of the bundled technologies have been proven to help deter theft, say the project backers, who feel so confident about the system they have promised to offer an additional guarantee to users, regardless of where they live in the world.

"Even if your stolen asset is not found, we will cover your insurance deductible or excess, and even give you cash towards replacements," they note.

More details on the StopTheft campaign can be found on Kickstarter here.

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