Hazardous counterfeit cosmetics seized in UK

Assorted cosmeticsAn operation by Trading Standards in the UK has uncovered counterfeit versions of well-known cosmetics brands - including MAC, Benefit and Naked Pallet - in a Nuneaton store.

The cosmetics were laced with hazardous ingredients including heavy metals such as mercury, copper, cadmium and lead. Some of the products had 19 times more lead than their permitted limit, the report.
The discovery in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, included fake versions of lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner and skin powder amongst other cosmetic types.

Trading Standards officers were alerted by a local resident who reported having an adverse skin reaction when the make-up she purchased was applied to her face.

"Exposure to heavy metals can cause a range of health problems," said Warwickshire County Councillor Les Caborn.

"They can cause pregnant women to feel ill and damage unborn children. They are also associated with fertility problems, high blood pressure, and muscle pain and memory problems."

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