Counterfeit cosmetics seized in Hong Kong

Eye make up closeCustom officers in Hong Kong have made a seizure of fake cosmetic goods that are thought to be worth around $5,000.

The Hong Kong Customs' Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau said it raided two retail shops of a syndicate and seized about 100 items of suspected counterfeit cosmetic products; two female salespersons, aged 17 and 23, were arrested.

The items seized included lipstick, make-up remover pens, mascara and eye shadow. The Bureau said its investigation was ongoing.

A number of the fake products looked strikingly like those of the genuine brand, but the Bureau said the packaging 'differed significantly' from the original products.

Some of the seized products were found to be not even produced by the original manufacturer that the counterfeiters used on their packaging.

Similar packaging to a product line of the brand was used to pack the goods and the fake cosmetics were claimed to be 'limited edition' in order to obtain a higher profit margin.

Offenders may be liable to a maximum fine of $500,000 and imprisonment of five years.

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