DuPont takes steps to protect brands from counterfeiting

DuPont logoDuPont Protection Technologies says it has filed 19 lawsuits in the last year against entities accused of counterfeiting its products.

The company - whose brands include Kevlar, Nomex and Tyvek materials - says it has taken steps to "defend against unauthorized and illegal use of its trademarks, especially when counterfeiters jeopardise the safety of end-users."

Some of the recent actions the company has taken include training customs officers to recognize illegitimate labelling to help seize counterfeits, working with appropriate authorities to conduct raids, and moving to take down websites that promote illegitimate products.

In one instance, the company reported identified counterfeiters selling fake protective apparel in the oil and gas industry to consumer protection agencies around the world.

"In order to protect the value of our brands and the safety and durability they represent, DuPont takes trademark infringement and fraudulent use of its brands very seriously,” said Giselle Ruiz-Arthur, the company's corporate trademark and copyright counsel.

“We have a very effective strategy to combat the problem through a global brand protection steering team that can quickly identify cases to be addressed and take action."

The company has handled over 700 cases of trademark infringement in the last year, including the 19 counterfeit cases, and says that while most of the cases are resolved out of court, more than two-dozen have already been closed through successful legal actions.

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