Lijun turns to DuPont for hologram technology

lijunsha packPrivately-held Chinese company Xi’an Lijun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd has added a holographic security label to its product range in an attempt to discourage counterfeiting of one of its key brands.

Lijun turned to DuPont for a hologram technology, selecting the Izon security label (pictured) as part of a multi-faceted approach to the problem of fake versions of its flagship antibiotic Lijunsha (erythromycin ethylsuccinate) circulating on the market.

The pharmaceutical company had already tried a number of other anti-counterfeiting technologies – including digital coding, watermarking and embossed holograms, but found they were “quickly compromised.”

The DuPont Izon label incorporates a three-dimensional hologram provided easy-to-identify security features so customers can readily distinguish between genuine and counterfeit Lijunsha.

DuPont claims that Izon is the only commercially available hologram that allows viewers to see around all four sides of an embedded image.

“Our customers are confident that they are buying genuine products when they see the Izon label,” commented Cun An Wang, Lijunsha sourcing manager.

In addition the overt anti-counterfeiting deterrent afforded by Izon, DuPont also markets two technologies developed by German company identif GmbH, namely colour shifting inks, sold under the Color-Spectra Film brand, and covert taggants sold as Bio-Molecular Markers.

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