Chicago police find stolen shoes warehouse

Police in Chicago have uncovered a warehouse full of millions of pairs of stolen high-end shoes, including Nikes and Yeezys, linked to a cargo theft gang.

The facility in Austin in the West Side area of the city was used to store footwear stolen from freight trains en route to retailers across the US, according to a CBS report citing local law enforcement officials. The seized items, including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, UGG, and Supreme goods, are estimated to be worth in the region of $5 million or more.

So far, two unnamed individuals have been charged in connection with the seizure, with several other individuals currently being investigated.

According to recent figures from Verisk Analytics’ CargoNet unit, there were 566 incidents in the US of cargo theft in the second quarter, involving $44 million in goods and an average loss per incident of more than $260,000.

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