OpSec rebrands its ISIS optical security technology

OpSec signOpSec Security Group has rebranded its ISIS optical security platform with a new name, 'Equinox'.

The change is in response to ongoing western media coverage, utilising the name in association with the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terrorist group.

“Sales of counterfeit products have been well linked to the funding of terrorist activities,” explains Richard Cremona, chief executive of OpSec Security.

“Therefore it became clear, as we further developed this popular anti-counterfeiting security technology, that we needed to rebrand and disassociate it from the brutal acts of the ISIS militant group.”

Equinox, OpSec’s flagship OVD (Optically Variable Device) technology, currently protects millions of global ID documents, banknotes, and high value brands from counterfeiting.

Unlike holograms, Equinox technology is based upon the ability to control reflective light with such control that colour can be removed from the security feature. This control provides a range of overt greyscale optical effects such as 90o black to white color switches and kinetic ‘zooming’ effects.

With the introduction of 3D Equinox, OpSec has taken this achromatic technology to enable 2D/3D images to be seen in a clear and contrasting black and white state.  3D Equinox can be integrated with all other security features offered by OpSec, enabling security at overt, covert and forensic levels to be increased.

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