Israeli pair plead guilty to huge counterfeit dollar operation

Counterfeit money being printedTwo Israeli nationals have pleaded guilty to manufacturing counterfeit money in the US, reports the US Secret Service.

Boaz Borohov (44) and his wife Ofra Borohov  (45) were among 13 people arrested last year for producing what has been described as "one of the most prolific counterfeit notes in history" by USSS acting director Joseph Clancy.

The case dates back to 1999, when the agency started investigating fake $100 bills, and an estimated $86m-worth of the notes are thought to have been distributed before the gang was discovered operating a printing facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Some of the fake bills entering the market were reportedly manufactured in Israel.

Between May and June 2014, agents seized equipment including Heidelberg offset and Ryobi offset printing machines, computer equipment, around $240,700 in genuine US currency and approximately $2.5m in counterfeit notes, including uncut sheets.

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