Fake polymer £20 notes spotted in Northern Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland have warned that counterfeit's of the recently issued polymer £20 note have been detected in shops.

The Bank of England notes are said to be good quality forgeries that could easily pass as genuine, according to a report. Earlier this year, similar fakes were reported in England, said to be a of sufficiently high quality that they could only be reliably spotted under ultraviolet detector and automated counting machines. It's not known if the counterfeits originate from the same source.

Other signs that indicate a note mat be counterfeit is that they have a slightly different texture to the genuine notes, while the foil around the crown will come off if scratched with a finger nail.

The new £20 note was introduced in February 2020, and the Bank of England says it is the most secure note produced to date. The £20 is the most common bank note in the UK with around 2bn in circulation, which is one reason it is a popular target for counterfeiters.

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