Darknet euro counterfeiter arrested in Poland

Polish authorities have taken down an illegal print shop producing counterfeit €50 banknotes, and making one arrest.

The Polish Central Bureau of Investigation swopped on the suspected counterfeiter on September 21, after raiding a location in Gdansk on a Europol tip-off. Working with Austrian law enforcement, the Polish authorities were able to identify and locate the suspect.

The accused sold the counterfeit banknotes on illegal darknet marketplaces and sent them all over the EU and beyond.

He was arrested whilst on his way to send dozens of envelopes filled with counterfeit €50 notes to customers all over Europe. House searches in Gdynia that followed uncovered a digital print shop and more finished counterfeit banknotes.

The suspect had been active as a vendor on different darknet platforms for many years and had built up a strong reputation. He is suspected of being responsible for producing over 10,000 counterfeit €50 notes, and faces a punishment of five to 25 years in prison.

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