Fake ticket scams peak ahead of Champion's League final

FootballThere has been a surge in spam emails touting fake promotional offers for tickets to the UEFA Champion's League final tomorrow, according to computer security company Symantec.

High-profile sporting events seem to be gaining the attention of spammers at a time when emails peddling counterfeit medicines and other products have been impacted by enforcement actions. There has also been an increase in phishing emails trying to extract login credentials for Facebook and other social networking sites by tapping into the popularity of star players and top clubs.

In the latest scam, spammers are sending fake ticket and luxury hospitality offers, including the chance to meet celebrities

"Symantec advises our readers to be cautious with unsolicited or unexpected emails related to the UEFA Champions League 2013 and to not be fooled by fake promotional offers," says the company in a recent blog post.

The format of the emails detailed in the post bears striking similarity to other messages we have received at our editorial offices offering executive hospitality to other events, including this year's Henley Royal Regatta.

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