Rosetta Stone and Google team-up to tackle fakes

Rosetta stone software and laptopRosetta Stone is collaborating with Google to combat online adverts for counterfeit versions of its language learning software.

The decision to work together to tackle the problem comes after Rosetta Stone filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Google. In recent weeks the companies have settled the case, with Google agreeing to help Rosetta Stone to eliminate online adverts for fake software and prevent trademark abuse.

"I believe that this settlement is a significant victory for consumer protection and it goes a long way toward advancing our goal to strengthen the Rosetta Stone brand and trademark around the world," said Stephen Swad, chief executive of Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone spent $1m on the lawsuit in the third quarter. With the lawsuit settled, Swad intends to take steps to accelerate growth of the digital business.

The number of online subscribers to Rosetta Stone is up 167 per cent over the past year and the company is keen to protect the blossoming business from counterfeiters. 

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