PR: Xyntek and Antares implement fully automated bottle line for global pharmaceutical organization

Xyntek and Antares Vision have implemented a fully automated bottle line serialization and aggregation solution for a major global pharmaceutical manufacturer. The solution was implemented with a clear objective, to ensure safety in the manufacturer's pharmaceutical supply chain, protect the patients who utilize their products, and comply with the upcoming Drug Quality and Safety Act (DQSA) requirements.

The automated solution incorporates the Antares Tracking System (ATS) serialization platform, Cognex machine vision systems, and Domino printing technology; all fully integrated to the existing OEM packaging equipment provided by Omega Design, Weiler Labeling, and ESS Technologies. The integrated solution not only uniquely serializes labeled bottles (considered the smallest unit of sale), but also allowed the customer to configure their line to utilize aggregation for shipper cases and pallets as they required.

The end-to-end process features the application of printed 2D "helper" codes on the bottom of the bottles to enable downstream unit to case aggregation processes. The process of adding and verifying the "Helper" codes was chosen to be performed with the bottle unscrambler at the beginning of the line, where the bottles are empty. This ultimately reduces rework of rejected material and saves on OEE. The "Helper" codes are then associated to the serialized labels on the bottle via a special knock-out window at the infeed of the bottle labeler. This integration and association at the labeler allows the automated Fanuc robotic case packer to pack full layers of bottles into a shipper case using an Antares high resolution camera. The 16MP camera is able to read all of the "helper codes" of the full layer, regardless of the bottle orientation, in one shot prior to placing the bottles in the shipper case. The ability to perform 100% inspection on all bottle serial numbers entering the case ensures the correct aggregation of bottles to cases preventing FIFO/Inference or operator error. A unique serialized case label containing the unit to case aggregation information is then applied to the packed case. All of the data and aggregation hierarchy is maintained within the Antares Global Tracking System site server for further data exchange with downstream trading partners.

Mac Hashemian, P.E., CEO of Xyntek explains, "The solution implemented by Xyntek and Antares further simplifies the downstream product tracking and tracing as the product enters and navigates through the pharmaceutical supply chain; enabling verification steps to happen at the case or pallet level versus having to open every case to confirm the contents."

The versatility of Xyntek and Antares' turnkey serialization solutions allows flexibility and options that can be configured to any client's packaging, regulatory and serialization needs, anywhere in the world. The solution ultimately ensures the production and distribution of safe and reliable product through its robust and intuitive line level functionality.

About Xyntek

Founded in 1986 by a group of Real-Time Automation & System Solution Engineers, Xyntek, Inc. is a Global Leader in Real-Time IT and Industrial Automation solutions and continues to be an industry leading Turnkey Systems engineering firm for Serialization and Track & Trace globally. Since 2012, Xyntek has been the exclusive North America Partner and Distributor of Antares Vision technology.

Xyntek's business is based on providing high-end technical services & solutions that allow our customers to maximize the benefits of IT and Automation technologies, while adhering with regulatory mandates. The innovation and creativity that we bring to each client opportunity is based on a combination of industry-specific technical knowledge and business processes. Our real-time turn-key design & implementation services are utilized by the world's top companies looking for an edge in the dynamic and quickly evolving global business & technology environment.

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