PR: VerifyMe launches counterfeit prevention solution for Amazon retailers to address Trump administration's counterfeiting concerns

VerifyMe, Inc. (OTCQB:VRME), a digital technology solutions provider specializing in counterfeit prevention, authentication, serialization, track and trace features for labels, packaging and products, announced today that its counterfeit prevention "VerifyMe As Authentic™" labels are now being applied to Amazon retailers' products to allow customers to use their smart phone to test for authentic product verification.

Assistant to the President and Director of the office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro discussed the Trump Adminstration's effort to protect consumers by keeping dangerous counterfeit goods out of the U.S. in a November 24th interview that aired on "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo" on Fox News Channel at 10 a.m. EST.

In the interview, Mr. Navarro warned consumers about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit products from third party on-line retailers such as,, and Mr. Navvaro noted that there are a tremendous amount of counterfeit product issues that could possibly have health risks and safety issues.

VerifyMe has a new technology label product that third party retailers such as Amazon retailers can now purchase called "VerifyMe As Authentic™". These labels are sold to legitimate brand owners and Amazon retailers who affix the labels to their products before shipping them to their customers. The "VerifyMe as Authentic™" labels are customized for each retailer and each product they sell. They contain sophisticated authentication and product diversion protection features for their customers to use to verify their products authenticity with the use of their personal smart phone. The Brand owner is also able to engage their customer with additional marketing and capture data from the sale.

VerifyMe Chief Executive Officer Patrick White, commented, "We concur fully with the Trump administration's warnings concerning the massive dangerous counterfeiting problems facing consumers all around the globe and that one of the largest counterfeit product dumping grounds are third party retailers such as VerifyMe believes it has created a solution to this problem for global consumers by manufacturing cloud-based authentication labels that not only prove the products authenticity but also help the brand owner engage the customer with marketing and data capture. Our new product, the "VerifyMe as Authentic™" labels are now for sale and we have a new Amazon retailer client that is incorporating our technology on their products being sold during the holiday season. The cost of the labels are in the pennies which is extremely inexpensive to provide consumers protection and the ability to authenticate products with their personal smart phone before they consume or utilize the product."

About VerifyMe, Inc.

VerifyMe, Inc., is a technology solutions company that markets products supported by patents, patent applications and trade secrets which provides identifiers and serialization for authenticating, tracking and tracing functions for labels, packaging and products. The company also markets multi-factor biometric verification solutions to verify people. VerifyMe's physical technology authenticates packaging, labels and documents with a suite of proprietary security inks and pigments, which work in conjunction with serialization and track-and-trace software. The company's digital technologies authenticate people by performing strong, multi-factor biometric verification via its patented digital software platforms.

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