PR: TraceLink announces end-to-end administration for Product Track

TraceLink Inc., the World’s Largest Track and Trace Network for connecting the life sciences supply chain and providing real-time information sharing for better patient outcomes, today announced end-to-end administration services for US hospitals and pharmacies that use its proven Product Track transaction history management software to meet the compliance requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

On July 1st, TraceLink will begin transitioning its 350+ healthcare customers to Product Track with End-to-End Administration, which will be bundled into their existing TraceLink subscription at no extra cost. Additionally, through TraceLink’s expansive network of alliances with group purchasing organizations (GPOs), covering more than 90 per cent of the entire US hospital market, GPO member hospitals and pharmacies can take advantage of special pricing and pre-negotiated terms for TraceLink Product Track with End-to-End Administration.

Every customer who subscribes to Product Track will now benefit from a set of end-to-end administration services provided by TraceLink that are designed to eliminate the time-intensive tasks of managing product, partner and company master data, exceptions, paper-to-digital processing, continuous quality control checks, and document preparation for audits. As a result, hospitals and pharmacies are able to increase the time they spend providing care to patients by offloading all of their DSCSA compliance requirements to a dedicated team of TraceLink service and compliance experts.

"In working closely with the hospitals and pharmacies that use our products daily to manage lot-level transaction histories at thousands of dispensing locations, many have expressed an interest in having TraceLink remove additional time consuming tasks that DSCSA has introduced into their pharmacy operations," said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO of TraceLink.

"We've responded by expanding our current solution to eliminate the time that healthcare providers need to spend on maintaining master data, adding new trading partners, and resolving exceptions. Going forward, TraceLink will assume all of these responsibilities – at no incremental cost – so that pharmacists and clinicians can do what they do best: provide consultative care to their patients."

TraceLink Product Track with End-to-End Administration: How it works

TraceLink Product Track is the transaction history management system used by more U.S. hospitals and pharmacies to achieve DSCSA compliance than any other solution. The software runs on a single platform that connects to prescription drug suppliers and processes all pharmacy-related DSCSA compliance information.

Product Track with End-to-End Administration leverages TraceLink staff who shoulder the full workload associated with compliance-related tasks for hospitals and pharmacies, including:

  • Adding and maintaining any missing product master data – for drug products that are purchased by a pharmacy.

  • Adding, removing, and maintaining any partners – with whom an organization works to purchase drug products.

  • Adding or removing company locations – to cover all dispensing locations within the same operation.

  • Adding or removing new users, or changing user access permissions – as staffing needs evolve and new users need to use the Product Track software.

  • Active maintenance and monitoring of exceptions – that occur as a result of receiving POs or ASNs from suppliers with missing information required by DSCSA.

  • Reprocessing any necessary transactions – after researching exceptions and validating that Product Track information is accurate and compliant.

  • Utilizing TraceLink’s unique and proprietary “network-sourced” NDC database – to continuously update new NDCs that are discovered across the TraceLink Network, an exclusive benefit to TraceLink customers.

  • Manually entering required DSCSA data to create digital T3 from user scanned or uploaded paper documents – then appending the originally-scanned PO to ensure a fully-compliant, all-digital database of T3s.

  • Actively monitor data quality, and provide full customer support during an inquiry – if a Request for Information is initiated by a regulatory authority, to ensure that the customer can supply the required compliance information within the 48-hour business response time.

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