PR: TraceLink and PharmaLink partner to simplify DSCSA compliance for pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare providers

TraceLink Inc., the leading digital network platform company enabling end-to-end product orchestration by connecting more than 290,000 healthcare and life sciences entities through its B2N Integrate-Once ™ network, announced a partnership with PharmaLink, the nation's premier pharmaceutical reverse distributor. TraceLink will provide comprehensive DSCSA capabilities for PharmaLink customers, enabling pharmacy dispensers to meet upcoming regulatory requirements by connecting them with trading partners for compliance data exchange far faster and less expensively than traditional point-to-point methods. As a result, PharmaLink customers will have access to an integrated experience with two best-in-class providers for DSCSA compliance and returns management through a single commercial relationship.

"After running a survey of the DSCSA vendor landscape on behalf of our pharmacy customers, it was clear that TraceLink was the only provider offering a comprehensive suite of solutions and supporting services for DSCSA dispenser compliance," said Thierry Beckers , President and CEO of PharmaLink. "Combined with PharmaLink's web-based platform and services for reverse distribution, this strategic relationship will enable our customers to take advantage of TraceLink's proven industry compliance leadership, as well as an integrated solution suite for DSCSA compliance, product verification, master data sharing, serialized product scanning, product recall intelligence, advanced drug shortage predictions, and many more unique services — all through seamless contracting provided by PharmaLink. We are excited to recommend this shared capability exclusively to our customers."

TraceLink has been investing for over a decade in deploying solutions to help pharmacies, hospitals, and other members of the pharmaceutical supply chain meet serialization, traceability, verification, and other DSCSA requirements. In November 2023 , the final phase of DSCSA goes into effect, bringing substantial new requirements on pharmacy dispensers to receive and manage serialized, or unit-level identified, medicines. TraceLink has processed almost a billion DSCSA Transaction Histories and over a million DSCSA-compliance EPCIS transactions on its existing interoperable network of more than 290,000 authenticated pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies and healthcare providers. In addition, TraceLink has enabled over 15,000 live serialization connections and manages over 41 billion serialized products on its network, providing customers and their partners with unsurpassed knowledge, technical services, and operational support to meet the challenging unit-level traceability requirements of DSCSA's November 2023 deadlines.

With less than six months until the final DSCSA deadline, the partnership between TraceLink and PharmaLink adds an important new layer of accelerated support for pharmacies working quickly to prepare for complex DSCSA requirements. "Over 250 pharmacy chains and healthcare providers across more than 15,000 national locations today are leveraging TraceLink's solutions to ensure secure DSCSA compliance with minimum impact to pharmacy operations, while our innovative B2N Integrate-Once ™ network connectivity ensures complete connectivity with all suppliers," said Shabbir Dahod , President and CEO, TraceLink. "This critical partnership with PharmaLink will help expand access to TraceLink DSCSA solutions while increasing our ability to serve pharmacies and hospitals already stretched thin in serving their patients."

About TraceLink

TraceLink is the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry's leading provider of supply chain digitalization through end-to-end product orchestration on the Opus digital network platform. With more than 290,000 network members, Opus connects people, processes, systems, and enterprises into a collective information network for intelligent business execution. TraceLink serialization, track-and-trace, global compliance, and real-time supply chain collaboration solutions empower customers to Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone ™ , achieve massive scalability, maintain continuous compliance, and ensure supply. TraceLink customers serialize more than one billion units per month across 15,000 connections

About PharmaLink

PharmaLink, Inc. is the nation's premier Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution provider. With services spanning the complete spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, they have a 360° view of the return processing needs of all businesses involved in the delivery of healthcare. PharmaLink delivers impactful solutions that trim cycle time while safely removing nonsaleable products from the marketplace. With a process backed by a powerful enterprise infrastructure, PharmaLink produces accurate processing and analytics that optimize business decisions and increase bottom line. This is all achieved while adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines at the state and federal level. With customizable solutions available for any size client, PharmaLink is the choice provider for pharmaceutical return and disposal solutions.

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