PR: Tamper evident security solutions for low tech cyber hacking from Tamper Technologies

Low tech cyber-crime has costs businesses in the UK up to £500,000 with 1/5 of all businesses being affected (BBC Breakfast).

TamperTech’s tamper evident labels help combat current trends in low tech cyber-crime, simply and instantly increasing security, by using our voiding labels to cover over USB ports, Memory card slots and any other areas of a computer or laptop that could be at risk from these low tech attacks, The Tamper Evident label will offer a visual deterrent to potential attackers and thanks to the unique VOID OPEN, SECURITY message that will be evident on the label as soon as any tampering is attempted , making it immediately visible to recognise if any tampering has taken place.

This type of visual deterrent has been proven to improve security as Harriet Chiles said “ We have worked with a company that because of security issues was losing over £10m annually, with the introduction of our Tamper Evident labels they were able to reduce their losses by over 85% and are continuing to reduce this further”.

Our Tamper Evident labels are extremely effective for protecting computers, laptops, server rooms etc. because not only are they able to conform with any surface shape but also designed to bond with these surfaces – promising a secure seal offering an instant layer of security as once they are applied they are active and will react to tapering meaning they can work on both fixed devices that stay within the building but can be applied to devices that have been bought in to ensure no tampering is taking place. Tamper Technologies tamper evident labels are highly customisable which means you have the ability to ensure they conform with your brand image and be as overt or covert as you desire even down to the void message.

These easy to apply, cost effective security solutions come in endless sizes and colours to give you the levels of security choice you would like. TamperTech’s security labels and tapes can either be non-transfer, rub off or leave a permanent message on the surface. As the manufacturer we can support you with extra security features including; can be stretchy material that will not re-form, security cuts, hidden UV inks and so much more.

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