PR: Systech named winner in AIPIA Virtual Congress Brand Challenge

Systech, a solutions division of Markem-Imaje, was chosen as one of four winners in the Kraft Heinz AIPIA Brand Challenge during last week’s AIPIA Virtual Congress. The Kraft Heinz Brand Challenge invited companies to present game-changing smart packaging solutions that enhance brand equity via next-generation brand and consumer experiences.

“Kraft Heinz is looking for affordable, scalable, and differentiating active and intelligent packaging solutions. This win provides a unique opportunity to play a significant role in enabling enhanced productivity and growth for the company and we are honored to have been selected to participate in the Challenge,” says Dave DeJean, Systech’s Vice President of Product Management and Strategy.

Global brands across industries rely on Systech’s Brand Protection Suite™ to deliver solutions that are digitally connected and consumer engagement-driven. The Suite allows Systech to enable powerful engagement programs that become a core component of an organization’s overall brand protection strategy. “The latest release of the Suite introduced this past Summer provides key functionality for our pitch to Kraft Heinz, which includes support for pushing unique responses and content to consumers. These responses can be tailored and rendered in real-time based on attributes such as location, time and safety of the product. In addition, content can be product specific,” says DeJean.

A brand’s current packaging can become an essential component of a brand protection program and Systech is the only software solution provider that creates a unique digital identifier (e-Fingerprint®) from the standard barcodes already on your packaging. Systech’s non-additive and data enriched e-Fingerprint® is used to digitally connect and authenticate every product at the item level.

Systech’s clients are using their existing package barcodes to:

  •    Digitally connect products for real-time supply chain insight and traceability
  •    Ensure products are genuine using non-additive digital authentication
  •    Leverage actionable supply chain data to quickly identify and stop diversion
  •    Enable consumers to interact and engage with their products
  •    Place product authentication capabilities into the hands of their customers

About Systech

Systech, a solutions division of Markem-Imaje, provides packaging coding, product authentication and traceability solutions to combat counterfeiting and diversion, optimize processes and meet compliance. Built on Systech’s decades of experience as the leader in pharmaceutical serialization and Markem-Imaje’s trusted product identification expertise, our comprehensive brand protection and packaging intelligence suites deliver accurate real-time insight, actionable product data and digital connectivity.   

Global brands across industries rely on us to keep their products authentic, safe and connected across the supply chain—from packaging to the consumer’s hands. Together we are optimizing packaging operations and revolutionizing brand protection!

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