PR: Spectra Systems: Issuance of patents and trademarks

Spectra Systems, a leading supplier of authentication technology for banknotes, brand authentication and tax stamps, is delighted to report that it has further expanded its patent estate for products used in banknote authentication, products authentication, including pharmaceutical pill coatings, and banknote cleaning.

During the period from October 2018-December 2019, the Company was either issued, granted or received notices of allowance on one USA patent and 41 foreign patents. Thirty five of the foreign patents are for authentication and banknote cleaning in African countries under the ARIPO and OAPI (African Regional Industrial Property Organization and Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle).

Dr. Nabil Lawandy, CEO of Spectra Systems, stated: 'The continued expansion of our patent portfolio is a key driver of shareholder value and is an asset which is at the heart of our global business opportunities, protecting our position as a leader in innovation in the authentication and banknote industries'.

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