PR: riddle&code, turning physical objects into active blockchain nodes

riddle&code today announced the release of its solution for connecting the blockchain to any physical object. Baptized as “tagtok” its a double hardware authentication system (tag and token) which allows anyone to validate the proof of provenance, ownership and fulfillment of smart contract.

tagtok is the world's first open source platform, blockchain agnostic and Arduino environment compatible tagging system. Just a few millimeters big, it can be embedded almost anywhere, as it doesn’t need battery because it works like an energy harvesting system.

During the presentation, which was held in London, Álvaro Mier explained: "Living in a society where Things have become smart, share information and talk to each other brings up security issues regarding all the sensitive data collected and the interoperability between devices."

"With our solution every physical object is represented in a unique way in the digital space and anyone can now be assured that:

  • The product you buy is indeed of the expected provenance;

  • The Internet of Things device is behaving according to the expected rules; and

  • Your personal data is used according to your interests."

Any company using tagtok secures and enriches its product at the same time by allowing it to carry relevant smart contracts (i.e. guarantee that the ownership of a work of art changes at a specific date in time) in the products themselves.

Products become itself a vault/safe not depending in any way on any trusted third party. Super protected by the blockchain public ledger.

Mr. Mier said:

"We have 4 different architectures, which are applied depending on the use case. For example for the consumer market we could use model #2, a single hardware which gets embedded into the product and all the cryptographic process is powered by using the energy from any device supporting NFC technology."

About riddle&code

riddle&code connects the blockchain technology to real world objects in an uncompromisable way. Its innovative first class solution is the so called tagtok, which turns physical objects into blockchain nodes.

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