PR: OpSec Security launches OpSec® SmartCheck

OpSec Security, a leader in on-product and online authentication and brand protection, has today launched OpSec® SmartCheck, a proprietary smartphone-enabled Optically Variable Device (OVD) validation tool that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and offers clients a reliable method of validating overt OVD features with a high level of confidence.

OpSec® SmartCheck combines the benefits of overt and covert authentication in one solution that provides fast and robust authentication. SmartCheck is integrated with OpSec’s suite of proprietary high security and brand protection technologies, providing a solution customized to each customer’s unique requirements. Using the OpSec® Insight mobile app, field inspectors can simply scan the SmartCheck enabled OVD and receive instant authenticity validation without the need for security feature training or specialist hardware. SmartCheck adds a high level of authentication to visual checks, can be implemented quickly across a variety of inspection stakeholders using existing technologies, and does not require any additional devices.

The latest innovation from OpSec is another demonstration of their ability to innovate and to anticipate its customers’ brand protection needs. “This is a real step forward in authentication technology. SmartCheck adds a high level of authentication to visual checks, is easily scalable, and can be implemented quickly across a variety of inspection stakeholders using existing technologies. It’s a useful tool that the marketplace needs,” Jim Keller, Global VP of Technology and Operations at OpSec Security stated. “Organizations that enforce and want an extra level of authentication need SmartCheck to improve their enforcement and productivity capabilities.”

OpSec® SmartCheck is ideal for organizations that enforce across a large geographic area in Automotive, Fashion, Electronics, Consumer Products, Government Authentication, and many more industries. SmartCheck is also secure enough for high-value documents, certificates, and deeds. Learn more about OpSec® SmartCheck, and contact the experts at OpSec to discuss a customized solution to fit your specific business goals.

About OpSec Security

OpSec Security is the global market leader in securing and protecting brands.

After decades of leadership in brand protection technology, OpSec grew to become the leading provider of fully integrated brand and document security, providing companies and governments with myriad solutions to help our customers ensure brand quality, reputation, and integrity.

OpSec is a leading innovator in online brand and digital content protection, offering our clients end-to-end safeguards against counterfeiting, piracy, and unauthorized usage. We continue to innovate, finding increasingly advanced ways to meet an ever-growing range of threats. Even as the counterfeiters, pirates, and other bad actors employ more sophisticated ways to damage your brand, we never stop getting better at protecting it.

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