PR: OpSec provides a COVID-19 Authenticity & Traceability Solution for testing kits and pharmaceutical products

OpSec Security, the global leader in physical and digital anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, announces a COVID-19 testing kit authentication and traceability solution.

With exponential growth in global demand for coronavirus test kits, criminals have infiltrated the supply chain with mass volumes of potentially life-threatening counterfeit, low quality kits. This challenge will only increase as testing continues to expand and, potentially, extended in-home.

OpSec addresses the need of governments, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and consumers to ensure the integrity and authenticity of tests kits and future cures. The COVID-19 Authentication & Traceability Solution (CATS) integrates OpSec’s proven SecureITT authentication label, which encompasses innovative security features, with the OpSec InSight track and trace platform providing full supply-chain transparency. Additionally, OpSec Online reduces online exposure to illegitimate tests by detecting and enforcing against their sales across the web.

“The continued rise in imitation COVID-19 testing kits and pharmaceutical products reveals increasing risks to vulnerable consumers,” said Selva Selvaratnam, CEO of OpSec Security. “OpSec’s unique ability to address both the physical supply chain and online distribution channels enables us to provide an integrated solution that delivers confidence and dependability.”

About OpSec Security

For nearly forty years, brands, institutions, and governments around the world have relied on OpSec to ensure the integrity of goods and documents. In a world of rising fraud and black-market alternatives, we are the layer of truth that powers revenue-generating relationships. This is only possible through a unique combination of proven security experience, deep industry expertise, the market’s broadest range of solutions, and a commitment to digital and physical integration leadership. For brands that depend on sustained relationships with customers, OpSec secures integrity, enhances loyalty, and protects revenue.

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