PR: OECD focuses on small package shipments in illicit trade

The Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) participated in a meeting to explore institutional capacities to counter illicit trade in small parcels, co-hosted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

“Illicit traders are exploiting the distribution infrastructures of postal and express carriers to deliver illicit products of all sorts,” said TRACIT Deputy Director-General Stefano Betti. “The problem has been exacerbated by the rapid growth in internet shopping and the availability of counterfeits and other illicit products online—all of which are delivered to the doorstep of consumers worldwide.” 

The meeting was held to explore solutions and draft guidelines that the OECD can use to promote better institutional coordination, both nationally and internationally. The meeting also acknowledged the importance of private and public cooperation and the need to introduce new paradigms for data sharing and risk assessment.

“Stopping illicit trade though postal and express channels is a priority for TRACIT,” said Mr. Betti. “We remain committed to support the OECD and EUIPO in implementing new programs that will change the game.”


The Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) is an independent, private sector initiative to drive change to mitigate the economic and social damages of illicit trade by strengthening government enforcement mechanisms and mobilizing businesses across industry sectors most impacted by illicit trade. TRACIT draws from industry strengths and market experience to build habits of cooperation between business, government and the diverse group of countries that have limited capacities for regulatory enforcement. Connecting and mobilizing businesses across industries, sectors and national borders makes it possible to achieve results more effectively than any single actor can accomplish alone.

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