PR: New Fakespot app for iOS and Android helps protect online shoppers from fake reviews and counterfeit products

Fakespot has released the world's only mobile app that protects consumers from fake and unreliable reviews as they shop on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Previously only available as a desktop browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Fakespot is now available for both Android and iOS users as Fakespot Pro.

The free Fakespot Pro app empowers mobile online shoppers to browse eCommerce websites with Fakespot's powerful consumer protection AI as their trusted guide, enabling users to make informed purchasing decisions in real-time. When considering products, users automatically see Fakespot's easy-to-understand review grades ranging from "A" to "F" that reveal the reviews' trustworthiness. For shoppers who prefer to use the store's mobile app or another browser, Fakespot analysis is also available via their device's "Share" function. Equipped to make better online shopping decisions, Fakespotters love everything they buy and are less likely to return products.

Online sales in the United States rose to $565 billion in 2020, according to the National Retail Federation, igniting a surge in the volume of online ratings and reviews, which up to 90% of online shoppers rely on. However, depending on the platform, approximately 30% to 35% of online product reviews are fake and unreliable, misleading consumers with false impressions of overwhelmingly positive reviews and happy customers.

Fraudulent reviews waste consumers' time and money, and in some cases cover up unsafe and potentially dangerous products. As Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection noted in a recent announcement warning 700 companies, "Fake reviews and other forms of deceptive endorsements cheat consumers and undercut honest businesses."

"The problem of fake reviews cannot be ignored. They result in risky online purchases in which consumers are deceived by nefarious sellers. Consumers deserve much better," said Saoud Khalifah, Founder and CEO of Fakespot. "After being ripped off myself, I developed Fakespot to bring trust back to the eCommerce experience and to protect online shoppers from being scammed. Reviews power our daily decisions, therefore it is imperative that they are reliable, transparent, and legitimate. Fakespot empowers users with the most trustworthy information for their purchasing decisions using the best state-of-the-art technology developed for consumer protection".

Users can rely on Fakespot as insurance and a layer of protection for online shopping, while retailers benefit from increased customer satisfaction, reduced shopping cart abandonment, and decreased returns. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology, Fakespot's machine-learning and natural language processing engines have been trained on more than 10 billion product reviews and detect known and emerging eCommerce fraud. Fakespot is trusted by millions of users and is the only company that has consumers' backs when they shop online.

Download Fakespot Pro for iOS here and for Android here.

About Fakespot

Fakespot's mission is to bring trust and transparency to the Internet by eliminating misinformation and fraud, starting with eCommerce. Fakespot protects consumers while saving them both time and money by using AI to detect unreliable product reviews and third-party sellers in real-time. Its proprietary technology analyzes billions of consumer reviews to quickly identify suspicious activity and then recommend better alternatives to consumers.

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