MotifMicro™ enhancements drive commercialisation

Product authentication and consumer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Limited (ASX: YPB) is pleased to advise that significant feature development of the MM1 app has been completed ahead of the timetable previously announced to the market.

MM1 is YPB’s revolutionary forensic smartphone-based authentication solution for mass-market consumer products.

Completion of the present set of enhancements now places MM1 in its final development leg prior to widespread commercialisation. This leg will see the release to selected channel partners on the iOS “TestFlight” platform. These early adopters have been advising YPB on the feature set likely to drive widespread brand and consumer adoption.

The features recently added are:

  • Brand logo recognition – driven by advanced object recognition technology. This allows brand logos to be used as the scan point for forensic product authentication, effectively turning the brand logo into a “trust seal” for the product. Brand owners see this as a clear enhancement of brand value.
  • QR and GS1 (standard one-dimensional) barcode recognition – this maximises the breadth of the YPB offer at a range of technical complexities and price points and allows existing packaging marks to be used as the launch point for a user brand experience following smartphone scan.
  • Upgraded user analytics and app usage metrics – provides brands with valuable, detailed geographic and demographic data.
  • Enhanced security including obfuscation – allows the MM1 app to reside on the user’s smartphone greatly speeding the authentication process.
  • Intuitive user guidance – an automated, intuitive screen pop-up guiding the user through a successful authentication scan.

Subsequent to partner feedback on the “TestFlight” trial, finalisation of an Android trial and a further feature addition, a wider public release to channel partners and brands will follow, including listing on app stores.

This follows initial products released for channel partner WAPL under their new branding SliiP which will see the launch of MM1 authentication to US consumers in the US sneaker reseller market (as announced to ASX 4 March 2021).

These subsequent steps will mark the beginning of the widespread commercialisation of MM1 and YPB will inform the market of their achievement.

YPB Group CEO John Houston said: “I am delighted with the appeal and uniqueness of the technical leap in authentication delivered by our tech team and the significant partner involvement in feature development driven by our commercial team.

Our commercial release plans are well advanced and engagement with partners and brands to date is very encouraging. Being first mover with fake-proof, self-authentication in consumer goods markets is an enormous opportunity for YPB.”

This announcement has been authorised by the Board of YPB Group Limited.

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