PR: Mojix launches ytem™ for Food, an item-level intelligence and traceability solution

Mojix, a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail markets, announced that they have expanded their SaaS-based solution ytem™ to include specific capabilities for the Quick Serve/Restaurant (QSR) and Grocery Store applications. The solution provides an unprecedented level of visibility into food product lifecycles and supply chains, bringing significant improvements in key areas like customer safety, authentication, waste reduction, operational efficiency, inventory accuracy, and stock optimization.

From Supply Chain to Item Chain

Mojix developed the item-level intelligence solution for food to meet safety and security challenges by focusing on the following critical areas:

  • Customer Safety - Identification of 100% Recalled and Expired items during Receiving and Inventory operations. Inventory visibility for required track-and-trace in regulatory compliance. The capability to pinpoint specific locations in a recall through unified stock visibility and to trigger actions to remove these products from stock with a completion status.
  • Waste Reduction - Identification of Short Shelf-Life items to enable FEFO (First Expired First Out), or promote items before expiration.
  • Operational Efficiency - RFID Receiving in 5 minutes (75-90% labor savings). Accuracy and speed are also essential for the preservation of foods.
  • Stock Optimization/Omnichannel - 100% Audit of Inbounds and Outbound Shipments - increasingly important with the new trends shaping the restaurant of the future.
  • Authentication and/or Provenance - Counterfeit foods, illegally labeled and grey market goods jeopardize health and safety and cost the industry an estimated $10-15Bn in the US alone.

ytem™ for Food can accurately capture item data in most current formats including RFID, QR code, NFC and BLE Sensor. Once data is captured and stored in the ytem™ platform, it can be processed into a wide range of actionable forms including real-time reporting, business/operational intelligence and predictive analysis. Rules are unlimited and can be pre-defined or auto-generated. Because the Mojix solution is operating in a cloud environment, users can expect high availability and performance combined with a multi-zone, multi-region capability for global real-time data consistency. The solution is highly resilient, scalable and easily integrates via API with EPCIS standards and most ERP, LMS, WMS and WCS systems.

About Mojix

Mojix is a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail. The firm is leading the way in item-level traceability solutions utilizing its high security, globally scalable cloud-hosted SaaS platform. Founded in 2004, the company has deep domain expertise in serialization technologies such as RFID, NFC, and print based marking systems. Mojix builds business intelligence from event-triggered actions tracking billions of unique identities, following item lifecycles from source to shelf. Companies can leverage the seamlessly integrated data to increase their sales and operational efficiency, reduce major risks and enhance their customer experience. With offices across the US, Latin America and Europe, Mojix is now a recognized expert in end-to-end, item-level track and trace, product authentication and automated inventory management

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