PR: Make the right business decisions with 'Connect' from product authenticity to prized consumer insights

2021 will see the way consumers interact with brands change forever, consumers today more than ever not only want product authenticity, but product transparency which is becoming more and more important. Today, a brand’s show of goodwill and trust goes a long way in building consumer loyalty and engagement. More than ever before, consumers are wanting to know about a brand’s social impact, product providence, and trust. With the rise of E-commerce, the need for technology in order for companies to gain insights and foster consumer relationships is becoming more and more pertinent.

YPB’s cloud-based Connect platform, together with the many brand protection technologies, makes it possible to simply integrate consumer relationship management together with product packaging. This enables businesses to not only display goodwill to consumers, but also make their packaging more valuable at the same time.

What is the YPB Connect Platform?

The YPB Connect Platform is your consumer insights dashboard. YPB’s brand authentication technologies involve embedding of certain unique materials to verify the authenticity of a product via its packaging.

As the majority of smartphones and apps now have built-in functionality to read QR codes, consumers no longer need to download an additional app to scan it, this along with the rise of QR code awareness, means that brands should be taking advantage. Scannable QR codes are one of the technologies YPB utilises on packaging to bring the digital experience to consumers. At the same time, brands can provide product transparency, authentication, and providence. In addition, Connect captures location, demographic, and 1st party data including email.

Creating a Moment of Trust With Your Consumers – Authenticity Triggers Engagement

Connect, is the gateway to engage with consumers, bringing isolated offline consumer experiences with the product to a more collaborative online experience with the brand. Whether it’s a simple newsletter sign-up, product feedback, questionnaires and surveys, or engagement and activation campaigns, once the consumer is connected on that platform that enables two-way communication, anything is possible.

In this way, the Connect platform efficiently and effectively leverages the existing product packaging expenses to give CRM (customer relationship management) a whole new meaning. From simple consumer-to-product engagement when unboxing a package, Connect provides companies with the means to seamlessly connect with consumers through the entire purchase journey, from leads status to returning buyers. In addition, the insights gathered, quickly become powerful marketing data for retention and acquisition strategies.

Why Connect

  • Accelerating the growth of your mailer’s database.
  • Brands are seeing higher email registration rates between 10-20% from buyers who authenticate the products they have bought, in addition to the traditional website subscription forms.
  • Empowering buyers and boosting engagement.
  • Brands experience increasing authentication engagements of between 10-15% month-on-month, depending on consumers’ perception on how easy the scanning process is.
  • Maximising the results of your marketing efforts.

Know vital location data, where your products are being purchased and packages distributed for highly targeted product campaigns. Location insights from the Connect platform have promptly supported brands to successfully shift 70-80% of their products to new markets.

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