PR: Kickstarter: Digital authentication of products with Verified

The online world today is like a giant shopping cart, but do we know whether what we are buying is really authentic and original? Counterfeits and knock offs have emerged as a major stumbling block for e-commerce, and helping combat this menace is a new product, Verified, which has since been launched on Kickstarter.

Verified is a blockchain based product that will let everyone create digital IDs for their products, and verify ownership, and track and authenticate transfer of property. Verified is a guarantee that the product one wants to buy is not a counterfeit and its owner is verified. As a Digital Asset ID, Verified is based on cryptography, blockchain and smart contracts.

The issue of counterfeit items being sold on major online marketplaces is growing along with rise in online shopping. In 2017 alone, e-commerce marketplace comprised 1.66 billion online buyers. This calls for a reliable way to confirm authenticity and ownership of products.

Verified can be used in three easy steps. After opening an account, the user can buy a batch of digital asset IDs, and then simply add their assets to the app. A picture of the item, receipt and serial number can be created, along with description, value and date of purchase.

“What Verified hopes to provide is a certified label that, once associated with a product you are buying online, guarantees the product is the genuine artifact. The buying and selling of counterfeit goods online is a huge and ongoing problem. Let NTI Blockchain help to end this with Digital Asset ID; a way to verify and authenticate the goods you buy online are genuine,” said Nicko Trataris of NTI Blockchain Inc.

Verified is versatile, and can be used to authenticate expensive electronic products as well as precious family heirlooms. A scan of the QR code reveals the entire past sales history of the product and its authentication credentials.

A kickstarter campaign is already in the running for Verified, funds generated will reportedly go towards completing the software program and to fund the process of creating the actual QR labels. 


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