PR: IQ Structures progresses from particular ID cards to a single national concept

Governments and other ID issuers of authentication documents (ID cards, passports, driving licences etc.) face a challenge of protection more and more documents against a broader scale of attacks, implementing more security technologies. More comprehensive and sophisticated projects result in growing difficulties with overall control. To cover all potential weaknesses, while controlling costs, is challenging. Often it happens that a protection element is used for a too long time and attackers learn to imitate it meanwhile. IQ Structures brings a solution – a single comprehensive national concept that covers all polycarbonate identity documents (IDs, passports, driver´s licences etc.) issued by a state.

Polycarbonate film with edge-to-edge holographic patterns - a breakthrough innovation from IQ Structures, enables this modern approach. The concept covers an unlimited number of polycarbonate documents, and any other ID document can be easily added. An update of the national concept means updating of all cards.

Petr Franc, CEO of IQ Structures, said: "Any reliable ID document must ensure three certainties. Firstly: Who issued the document. Secondly: That no non-authorised changes have been made. Thirdly: The relation between the particular document and its holder. Our national concept ensures all three certainties, delivering simplicity and effective application of security technologies."  

The national concept eliminates most frequent counterfeiting attacks completely. It also protects documents from “chain attacks“, where the criminal counterfeits a weaker document, such as the driver´s license and later attacks a stronger document, such as a passport.

IQ Structures´ National ID concept includes:

  • A set of strong optical security elements running across different documents
  • A compact printed design connected with the optical security features
  • Potential integration of particular security elements such as holograms, UV and OVI inks etc. in one complex security feature
  • Update processes.

"For secure ID documents you need robust protection technology, of course. But it is not enough. It is critical to find a way of its application that ensures using full potential of its advanced technologies. Particular elements are just replaced by something more advanced - a large edge-to-edge hologram instead of a rounded one; RGB UV patterns instead of single UV fluorescent colour elements, etc. We have developed much stronger concept because we started from the other side - from our knowledge of nature of attacks and the potential of state-of-art technologies," commented Robert Dvorak, Business Development Director in IQ Structures.


IQ Structures, a member of IQS Group, is a research and production company focused on optical nanotechnologies, especially strong in security and anti-counterfeit protection. Backed by 20-year experience, IQ Structures has built extensive research capacities, owns several patents, and operates a manufacturing unit with a capacity to protect more than 100 million polycarbonate ID cards a year. It has been awarded several international prizes for excellence and scientific innovation, including recent double awards by International Holograms Manufacturing Association. The company is settled in Řež, close to Prague, the Czech Republic.

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