PR: IQ Structures launches a new portfolio for banknote protection

IQ Structures, a Czech research and production organisation, launched a new set of visual security elements for anti-counterfeit protection of banknotes. The new portfolio covers plastic (polymer) and paper banknotes, on three levels (overt, covert and forensic protection). It is backed by several year development and industry knowledge gained through a technological consulting partnership with security printing companies and central banks.

"Anti'-counterfeit protection of banknotes is especially challenging. Security elements must withstand at least ten years, keep the perfect optical quality and show resistance against abrasion and other physical and chemical stress. Moreover, it must enable even common untrained users to identify genuine money, "says Petr Franc, director of Security division in IQ structures.

New IQ Structures' banknote protection portfolio includes:

  • Key-holes hologram. This new element of visual anti-counterfeiting protection enables placing of a virtual image on area smaller than the image itself.
  • Tools for automatic reading and automated check.
  • Hologram with special visual effects, such as achromatic objects clearly visible under low-quality light

All of these measures can be integrated into single hologram. They can also be integrated with other protection technologies and adapted to specific needs of banknotes.

Robert Dvorak, the sales manager of Security division in IQ Structures, added: "Our ambition is to invent, design and deliver insuperable anti-counterfeit protection for banknotes. It is the reason we extend the capacity of our production facilities and further enhance our security. We can benefit from operating in the premises of nuclear facilities with strict security management."


IQ Structures is a research and production company focused on optical nanotechnologies, especially strong in security, anti-counterfeit protection and lightening. Backed by 20-year experience, IQ Structures has built extensive research capacities, owns several patents, and operates a manufacturing unit with a capacity to protect more than 100 million polycarbonate ID cards a year. It has been awarded several international prizes for excellence and scientific innovation, including recent double awards by International Holograms Manufacturing Association. The company is settled in Řež, close to Prague, the Czech Republic.

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