PR: IQ Structures introduces hybrid ID documents

IQ Structures, a research and production organisation focused on nanotechnology engineering, is launching holographic technology for virtual ID cards based on an unforgeable physical document. The new solution overcomes the weakness of leaving holders of the virtual IDs themselves vulnerable to hacking attacks.

If there is no physical document and the record in the database is falsified or altered, the user is put in a very awkward situation. In extreme cases, the identity may even be completely stolen and someone else may act on his or her behalf. In the hybrid document concept, a person still holds a physical document that proves his identity and can be clearly proven not to have been forged. A physical document may be required for the most sensitive transactions. 

The solution works by loading the authentication data from the protective hologram and the personal data from the chip into a mobile app. Based on this, a virtual ID card is created. However, in case of any doubt, it is possible to return to the physical document.

"The basis must be a completely reliable document. This means issued and personalised using a correct and secure procedure, completely resistant to forgery and containing data about the holder that cannot be mistaken. There is no room for compromise. This is where our IQ proID technology is virtually unrivalled. This creates the security on which hybrid identity documents can then be based," explained Robert Dvorak, the Managing Director of IQ Structures.

IQ proID is a technology for optical security features that look like very sophisticated holograms. However, they are controlled nanostructures behind. This makes it possible to cover the entire surface of the document (or both sides), protect all data and integrate various security technologies, along with a number of other benefits.

Note to editors

IQ Structures is a member of IQS Group, a scientific, research and manufacturing organisation focused on controlled nanostructures. Backed by 20 years of experience, IQS Group has built extensive research capacities, owns several patents, and operates in a range of industries, from security to lighting and medicine to new construction materials.

IQ Structures protects more than a billion documents each year and delivers leading-edge anti-counterfeiting solutions for the protection of ID documents, banknotes and valuables. It has been awarded several international prizes for excellence and scientific innovation. It operates in the highly secure premises of a nuclear reactor site in Řež near Prague and has certified all relevant quality and safety standards.

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