PR: Celltrion selects Movilitas for serialization and traceability implementations to ensure supply chain integrity and compliance

Movilitas, a technology leader delivering the next generation of solutions and consulting services across multiple industries to advance smart supply chain ecosystems, announced today that Celltrion, a global leading biopharmaceutical company, selected Movilitas to manage their SAP® Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) and SAP Information Collaboration Hub (ICH) deployments. This digital transformation creates a foundation that addresses all requirements for serialization compliance, traceability and country reporting in the EU, Korea and U.S. regions.

Celltrion selected Movilitas for its full set of SAP solution services and accelerators in order to address compliance with the EU, Korea and U.S. serialization requirements. Movilitas’ integrator services plus industry expertise with multiple country serialization regulations enabled Celltrion’s successful SAP implementation. Additionally, Movilitas offered a hybrid project delivery system of onsite and remote, including a native speaker stationed in Korea. This combination of experience and flexibility allowed Celltrion and Movilitas to complete the integration process within two months.

“At Celltrion, we understand that end-to-end traceability provides safe and effective products for patients as well as a more efficient and resilient supply chain. The combination of Movilitas’ experience and industry knowledge has helped Celltrion stay at the front with traceability solutions that future-proof our operations and protect consumers,” said Joon Serk Seo, Director, Celltrion.

“The combined solution enables Celltrion to meet a common pharmaceuticals industry challenge of ensuring supply chain integrity for its products. Serialization and traceability technologies play a critical role in enabling pharmaceutical protection,” said Ross Young, CEO of Movilitas. “We are pleased that Celltrion was able to take advantage of Movilitas integration services and our efficient and flexible delivery model to ensure compliance in their key markets.”

About Celltrion

Headquartered in Incheon, Korea, Celltrion is a leading biopharmaceutical company, specializing in research, development and manufacturing of biosimilar and innovative drugs. Celltrion strives to provide more affordable biosimilar mAbs to patients who previously had limited access to advanced therapeutics. Celltrion received FDA and EC’s approval for Inflectra® and Remsima®, respectively, which is the world’s first mAb biosimilar to receive approval from a regulatory agency in a developed country.

About Movilitas

Movilitas is a technology leader delivering the next generation of solutions and consulting services across multiple industries to advance smart supply chain ecosystems. We are recognized as a trusted SAP partner for digital supply chain transformation. We help businesses realize new growth opportunities, adapt to today’s on-demand economy and maintain compliance. Through services, such as Movilitas.Cloud, or extensions and accelerators for SAP solutions, our clients unlock data to realize greater efficiencies and new revenue streams.

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