PR: BrandWatch Technologies to rebrand as Eluceda

Leading covert solutions provider BrandWatch Technologies will rebrand as Eluceda in January 2021, marking an important step in the evolution of the Eluceda Group’s market positioning by providing a single name for its global detection technology business.

The rebranding of BrandWatch follows Eluceda’s acquisition of the manufacturer of security materials and detections equipment in 2019. Under its new name, manufacturing of BrandWatch’s product range will continue to be produced from its base in the US. In addition, the business will offer a wider range of solutions, including Eluceda’s patented E-Sens™ Biological Detection System.

Commenting on the change, Neil Ivey former CEO of BrandWatch Technologies and now President of Eluceda said: “This is a truly exciting time for our business. Moving forward under one identity as Eluceda provides clarity to clients and the industries we serve along with access to a wider range of in-product authentication and verification technologies, supported by knowledge and expertise from across our wider business.”

Matthew Harte, CEO of Eluceda added: “We have already seen significant synergies since the acquisition of BrandWatch Technologies this year. By coming together under the Eluceda brand we deliver a simplified message to all our global customers and are better placed to provide the portable protection technologies that will help make the world a safer place.”

About Eluceda

Eluceda is a detection technology business that delivers powerful solutions for a wide range of applications including product & brand authentication, biological & chemical testing and in vitro diagnostics.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place by delivering quicker, cheaper and more portable detection technologies, that provide laboratory level accuracy at the point of use.

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