PR: AlpVision Cryptoglyph integrated into WeChat

“WeChat” is the most used smartphone app in China, with about 1.3 billion users. It was initially a simple app that facilitated people to chat with each other. However, it has now become an app that can be used for almost everything.

Indeed, it is entirely customizable using the “Mini Programs” which can be added by the user. Based on the request of several customers, we were recently able to port our Cryptoglyph detection system in a mini program. So now, for the first time, people can use WeChat to detect Cryptoglyph.

This successful implementation is particularly critical in China since most users do not want to download an additional app for a new task and now prefer to use WeChat as an all-purpose app.

If you install the WeChat app, you can scan the QR code of this newsletter to automatically load the AlpVision Mini Program and authenticate our sample folding box “Alpidrin”.

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